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Tackle Tactics - The home of Australia's favourite sportsfishing brands, including TT Lures and ZMan Lures.


TT Lures are highly regarded for their quality and innovation. As well as producing Australia’s most comprehensive range of jigheads, with over 350 hook and weight combinations, TT also manufacture Australia’s most popular range of blades, the polycarbonate Ghostblade and metal Switchblade with over 150 weight and colour combination. There are also over 180 weight, colour and blade combinations across the Vortex, Striker, Tornado and FroggerZ spinnerbait range, plus a range of Maxvibe inline spinners, Arrow and Vector Micro Jigs and assorted other terminal tackle and lure options. Regardless of your location or target species, TT Lures has a complete range of lures to get you hooked up!

ZMan Lures

ZMan is rapidly becoming Australia’s favourite soft plastic lure and there’s a few reasons why. Their 10X TOUGH ElaZtech construction means they stand up better to pickers and toothy critters, making them excellent value for money, but it also means they can be rigged in a wide variety of ways without destroying the lure. Even though they’re tough the ElaZtech is also super-soft and flexible, so it feels extremely realistic and the fish keep coming back till they find the hook. Another advantage of ElaZtech is it’s in-built buoyancy that allows you to rig your ZMan plastics to fish the surface, or weight them to fish the deepest depths, while creating a tailup action when at rest on the bottom. All of these attributes combine to make ZMan soft plastics a dynamite choice for anglers, regardless of target species.


When it comes to rods and reels Okuma has you covered from your first bream or bass to the largest offshore species you choose to target... from backwater to billfish. Offering value for money well above their price tag, Okuma rods and reels feature cutting edge technology, quality materials, stylish design and peace of mind with an Okuma Australia 10 year warranty on reels and 1 year on rods. Okuma, Inspired Fishing.

Pro-Cure Scents

Pro-Cure are a company that has been developing scents for over 26 years and these scents have proven effective around the world. Now Pro-Cure Super Gel is available in Australia through Tackle Tactics. Super Gel High Performance Gel Scent is made from real bait and enhanced with amino acids and bite stimulants, in a sticky base that sticks cast after cast to all lure types. Super Gel is made even more effective with the addition of UV enhancement. The UV enhancement is like a beacon that attracts fish to your lure and then the scent triggers them to feed. Anglers have also had success using a squirt of Super Gel on their baits to encourage the fish to feed.

Boomerang Tool

American company Boomerang Tool Company produce quality, retractable tools that are designed to return to their home location when not in use, ensuring they are handy when required and no more lost braid scissors! Stainless steel components and quality retractors ensure reliable use, and the easy, one-handed operation, even with wet or gloved hands, make them the perfect rigging tool for anglers. These tools clean cut braid or mono to 50lb test, making knot tying and rigging easy. Whether attached to your fishing shirt, belt loop, kayak, console or any other location your Boomerang Tool is at your fingertips when you need it. Boomerang Tool - Smarter Tools - Always Handy, Never Lost. 

Bait Buttons

American company Bait Buttons have created a simple, safe and effective way of optimising your presention of soft plastics and baits, as well as a quick way of securing stinger hooks. Bait Buttons unique dispenser makes it quick and easy to attach Bait Buttons without risk of injury from hooks, whether securing a stinger, maximising hook exposure on a soft plastic or locking a plastic onto a worm hook or weedless jighead. Available in the standard size for smaller, finer hooks and the Bait Buttons Big Game for larger hook sizes.

A-Just-A Bubble Floats

These ingenious floats are made in the USA, the coolest floats we have come across and are ideal for those wanting to float baits, but also for those looking for additional weight for casting light lures or the ability to suspend and drift soft plastics along structure. No knots or stoppers are required - simply feed your line through the float and twist the cap on the top of the float, in turn twisting the internal surgical rubber tube and locking the float onto the line, without risk of line kinking or damage. Quick and simple to adjust your dropper depth, add water as required to cock or weight the float for casting and the tapered design allows you to rig tapered end toward the rod for retrieving lures when fished under the float or alternatively tapered end toward the bait when using the float to suspend baits. Check out the A-Just-A Bubble floats and be set up in seconds, with no knots or stoppers!

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