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ZMan 4" Pop ShadZ Rigging Guide

Click on the PDF to download the ZMan 4" Pop ShadZ Rigging Guide to view, save or print.

ZMan's revolutionary 10X Tough, ElaZtech soft plastic popper is now available in a 4" version, the perfect floating bite-size snack for bass, mangrove jack, barra, trevally, cod, saratoga, pelagic species and more. Pop it, walk it, pause it, BOOF! Fish on!

Weedless Rigging

Weedless rigging on a TT Lures 3/0 ChinlockZ head allows you to cast this soft popper over, into and through structure in search of fish... areas where you would never have been able cast a standard popper. It floats, responds well to various retrieves, feels soft and realistic and fish love it!

Step 1 - Tie on your TT 3/0 ChinlockZ jighead. Thread it through the centre of the cup face and and out behind the gill plates on the underside of the Pop ShadZ.

Step 2 - Pull the hook through until you reach the silver 'chin lock' and then slowly pull the 'chin lock' through the plastic.

Step 3 - As the 'chin lock' exits the underside of the plastic it will lock in place and the hook will turn to face point up.

Step 4 - The hook will now lay against the side of the plastic. Bend the tail section of the plastic up a little to make it easier to push the hook point straight through from the end of the underside rigging channel out through the rigging channel on top of the plastic.

Step 5 - Pull the hook point and barb down against the top of the plastic to minimise snagging and fouling. The hook will keel and right the plastic from the cast so it always swims true and you can cast it virtually anywhere. Fish on!

Rigging for Open Water

The Pop ShadZ is also deadly in open water and if you're not worried about snagging or fouling it can simply be rigged with a treble or standard straight shank hook (J hook).

Treble Rigging

Step 1 - Use step 1 of weedless rigging, but pull the hook right through the plastic so that your leader enters the cup face and comes out under the gill plates.

Step 2 - Cut off the ChinlockZ or 'J' hook and tie on a treble hook to suit.

Step 3 - Secure one of the treble arms by hooking it up into the rigging channel on the underside of the Pop ShadZ. The shank of the treble will lay in the rigging channel. Pull your leader back through the plastic.

Step 4 - You now have two hook points exposed for open water fishing and enough weight for casting. Fish on!

Standard 'J' Hook Rigging

Step 1 - Feed the 'J' hook in through the centre of the cup face and out through the rigging channel.

Step 2 - Add a drop of Loctite Super Glue Gel Control a few millimetres back from the eye of the hook and slide the hook through until the eye is positioned snug in the centre of the cup face. Fish on!

ZMan 4" Pop ShadZ Rigging Guide | Download

SUNDAY, MARCH 18, 2018
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