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  • The first thing you notice about the Okuma Polaris is it's sleek white finish, but the Polaris isn't a one trick pony. It delivers performance well exceeding it's price tag, and it all begins with Okuma's tough and rigid, corrosion proof graphite body and rotor. This rigid body ensures the precision elliptical gearing system meshes perfectly from the first turn of the handle to the last, no matter the pressure. The infinite anti-reverse bearing eliminates slop from the drive train. The anodized aluminium braid ready spool is wrapped with an oversize dependable bail wire, that operates smoothly every time. The multi-disc oiled felt drag system pays out line smoothly, with minimal start up inertia, and will continue to function smoothly all the way up to its maximum pressure. The Okuma Polaris is a testament to Okuma's dedication to producing quality products that resemble the pinnacle of value for money fishing tackle.
  • Multi disc oiled felt drag
    • Graphite body and rotor
    Infinite anti-reverse bearing
    • Precision elliptical gearing
    Rotor equalizing system
    • Machined folding handle
    • 1+1 bearings
    • 11kg max drag
    • 3 sizes (30, 40, 65)

  • Model No. Weight Max Drag Ratio Bearings Line Capacity
    PLR-25 230g 3kg 5.0:1 1+1 0.15/360m 0.20/210m 0.25/140m
    PLR-40 270g 6kg 5.0:1 1+1 0.25/300m 0.30/210m 0.35/155m
    PLR-65 575g 11kg 4.8:1 1+1 0.35/390m 0.40/300m 0.50/185m


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